No.1, composed when Mozart was just eight years old, to the mature and well-loved 'Haffner', 'Prague' and 'Jupiter' symphonies, this comprehensive 11"> No.1, composed when Mozart was just eight years old, to the mature and well-loved 'Haffner', 'Prague' and 'Jupiter' symphonies, this comprehensive 11"/>
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Mozart: Complete Symphonies

Mozart: Complete Symphonies
Jaap ter Linden (şef),  Mozart Akademie Amsterdam (topluluk)

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Mozart: Complete Symphonies

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Barkod: 5028421942957 Katalog No: 94295
Firma: Brilliant Classics Tarih: 2012
Tür: Klasik Müzik Format / Adet: CD / 11 Adet
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From the Symphony No.1, composed when Mozart was just eight years old, to the mature and well-loved 'Haffner', 'Prague' and 'Jupiter' symphonies, this comprehensive 11-CD set collects together Mozart's complete body of work in this genre, performed on period instruments by the Mozart Akademie Amsterdam and conducted by Jaap ter Linden.

Mozart is recognised as one of the great composers of the Classical symphony, building upon the achievements made by his mentor Joseph Haydn to develop its form. At the time that he composed his Symphony No.1 in 1764, the symphony's form was still closely linked to that of the French opera overture, with three short movements in a fast-slow-fast pattern. Gradually, composers like Haydn began to expand this structure to the four-movement form that we are familiar with as the Classical symphony. These fascinating developments in style and structure can be heard in Mozart's changing approach to symphonic composition throughout his career, and the booklet notes that accompany this release trace such developments in depth.

Also included in this collection are Mozart's landmark symphonies, beginning with Symphonies Nos. 25 and 29, which were composed in 1773 and 1774. Here, the mature voice of Mozart the symphonist is truly established, and these works were followed by a string of masterpieces -- Symphonies Nos. 31 'Paris, 35 'Haffner', 36 'Linz', 38 'Prague', 39, 40 and 41 'Jupiter', all written over a 10-year period. These later works exerted a huge influence over the composers that followed, particularly Schubert and Mahler, who also replaced the courtly minuet of early symphonies with an Austrian Ländler, as Mozart did in the 'Jupiter' symphony.

Other information:
- Performed on period instruments
- Conducted by Jaap ter Linden, one of the most prominent and acclaimed interpreters of Baroque and Classical music
- The HIP (historically informed performances) performances were unanimously praised for their freshness, transparency, and fluency of phrasing.
- Accompanied by a 24-page booklet discussing each symphony in detail
- Recordings made in 2001/2
CD 1
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1-3 Symphony No.1 In E Flat K16
4-6 Symphony No.4 In D K19
7-9 Symphony In F K19a
10-12 Symphony No.5 In B Flat K22
13-16 Symphony No.6 In F K43
17-20 Symphony No.45 In D K45
CD 2
1-4 Symphony No.8 In D K48
5-8 Symphony No.9 In C K73
9-10 Symphony No.10 In G K74
11-14 Symphony No.12 In G K110
15-18 Symphony No.13 In F K112
CD 3
1-4 Symphony No.14 In A K114
5-8 Symphony No.15 In G K124
9-11 Symphony No.16 In C K128
12-14 Symphony No.17 In G K129
CD 4
1-4 Symphony No.20 In D K133
5-8 Symphony No.21 In A K134
9-11 Symphony No.22 In C K162
12-14 Symphony No.23 In D K181
CD 5
1-3 Symphony No.27 In G K199
4-7 Symphony No.28 In C K200
8-11 Symphony No.30 In D K202
CD 6
1-3 Symphony In D K111a
4-7 Symphony No.18 In F K130
8-11 Symphony No.19 In E Flat K132
12-15 Symphony No.25 In G Minor K183
CD 7
1-3 Symphony No.24 In B Flat K182
4-6 Symphony No.26 In E Flat K184
7-9 Symphony In D K196
10-13 Symphony No.29 In A K201
14-16 Symphony No.32 In G K318
CD 8
1-4 Symphony No.33 In B Flat K319
5-7 Symphony No.34 In C K338
8-11 Symphony No.35 In D K385
CD 9
1-3 Symphony No.31 In D K297
4-7 Symphony No.36 In C K425
8-11 Symphony No.40 In G Minor K550, 1st Version, Without Clarinets
CD 10
1-3 Symphony No.38 In D K504 Prague
4-7 Symphony No.39 In E Flat K543
CD 11
1-4 Symphony No.40 In G Minor K550 2nd Version, With Clarinets
5-8 Symphony No.41 In C K551
şef : Jaap ter Linden
topluluk : Mozart Akademie Amsterdam
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