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Soeur Marie Keyrouz / Byzantine & Marionite Chant

Soeur Marie Keyrouz / Byzantine & Marionite Chant
Soeur Marie Keyrouz (vokal)

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Soeur Marie Keyrouz / Byzantine & Marionite Chant

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Barkod: 794881752621 Katalog No: 2908145.46
Firma: Harmonia Mundi Tarih: 2004
Tür: Etnik Format / Adet: CD / 2 Adet
  Albüm Hakkında
Fifteen years after the release of her CD devoted to Byzantine chant, this special edition in large-format hardback book offers you the chance to discover or rediscover Sister Marie Keyrouz in the two repertories in which she excels. The first CD, largely devoted to traditional Maronite chant, also presents chants from the Syrian Catholic and Syrian Orthodox traditions. Most of the pieces recorded here date back to the early centuries of Christianity, and have an obvious kinship with other ancient chants of the Near East and Middle East. In the Byzantine Rite (CD 2), the Office of Matins for Holy Saturday is a meditation on the mystery of Christ asleep in the tomb, deeply imbued with faith and hope. As for the chants for Matins of Easter Day, they are the most splendid in the entire Byzantine liturgy. They positively bubble over with joy – a joy that is eminently contagious!
CD 1
Chant Traditionnell Maronite
1 NOEL Glory to the Word of God 01:52
2 Taw nimar Let us come to proclaim the happiness of Mary 02:01
3 Yawno Tlito The young dove bears the eagle 02:01
4 Baytun Maghara A house, manger! / Ya bikra-l-'abi O Son of the Father, we glorify thee 02:15
5 Ho qtilo bmesren He who was crucified in Egypt / Ja'al ilahou God of all centuries, is in our midst / Nashduka-sh-shoukran We render thee thanks 02:25
6 Qanoun / Qanun 03:46
7 Hallel Hallel to the Son of God / Qadish qadish Holy is the Lord God / Mshiho dabyaldeh O Christ who by his birth 03:27
8 Ya umma-l-lah O mother of God, O gentle mother 05:58
9 PASSION Anal-'ummu-l-hazina I am the afflicted mother 06:11
10 Nay / Ney 03:18
11 Fil-layli On the eve of his passion 02:33
12 Bakkara Abram At daybreak Abraham led his only son 03:07
13 Tisbohto-l-moryo Upon the Cross, the Son of God gave up the ghost 03:31
14 Yawmou-sh-sharr God have mercy / Rabbi-lmadhbouh My crucified God has commended his soul into the hands of the Father 03:03
15 Ud 03:14
16 Ayyouha-r-Rabbou llahuna O Lord our God, O crucified one / Fawqa-s-Salib Upon the Cross the God of the Universe has died / Moubarakun man fadana Glory be to him who has redeemed us 06:26
17 Tara'at Mary has appeared before the cross 03:33
18 ReSURRECTION Halleluia Qama-l-lahou min mathwahou God is arisen from among the dead / Qadishat aloho Holy art thou, God 04:23
19 Qama wa-d-dhulmu hawa He is arisen and the darkness has vanished 02:24
20 Inna-l-masih qad qam Christ is arisen, O people rejoice! 04:32
CD 2
Chant Byzantin
1 Alleluia (3 fois / 3 times) Ha-Houwadha-lAruç… (arabe / Arabic) Behold, the bridegroom comes / Innani'Uchachidu khidraka… I contemplate thy bridal chamber 02:42
2 Version arabe / Arabic version 01:06
3 Version grecque / Greek version 01:15
4 Version arabe / Arabic version 01:14
5 Ya rabbi… (arabe / Arabic) Seigneur… / Lord… 07:23
6 Iqbalni-l-yawm… (arabe / Arabic) At thy mystic Supper 06:13
7 Inna Yousof… (grec-arabe / Greek-Arabic) The noble Joseph 02:54
8 Alyawma-'Ulliga… (arabe / Arabic) This day is hanged from the gallows-tree / Tagaridh… (arabe-grec / Arabic-Greek) O Christ 05:39
9 PremiEre stance / First stanza 01:57
10 DeuxiEme stance / Second stanza 02:17
11 TroisiEme stance / Third stanza 01:31
12 Inna-l-baraya… (arabe / Arabic) In you, o woman full of grace 05:25
13 Cristos anesti… (grec-arabe-grec / Greek-Arabic-Greek) Christ is risen 02:27
14 Antoumoul-ladhin… (grec-arabe-grec / Greek-Arabic-Greek) All ye who have been baptized in Christ 04:13
15 Inna-l-Malak… (arabe / Arabic) The angel called to Mary 04:41
kanun : Imad Morcos
ney : Paul Rouhanna
perküsyon : Aad Morcos
ud : Elie Kesrouani
vokal : Zahi El-Helou
vokal : Farouk Kairouz
vokal : Maroun El-Moubayed
vokal : Nada Howayek
vokal : Yolla Kairouz
vokal : P. Claude Nadra
vokal : Soeur Marie Keyrouz
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